The best quality on the market

The factory with whom we work together has been producing high quality diamond jewellery in London for 40 years.

 Competitive prices

The product arrives to the buyer directly from the manufacturer, it doesn’t have to go through numerous sales agents. For this reason we can offer our jewellery at competitive prices.

 30 day money-back guarantee

Our clients have 30 days from the date of receipt to return a product, without having to provide a reason, for a refund or an exchange for another product.

 40 years experience in manufacturing

Our partner has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing high quality diamond jewellery. In this time the London-based company has gained hard to match expertise and only the best diamonds are chosen to be set into jewellery.

 Trusted Shops certificate

We are a Trusted Shops member and have obliged ourselves to the Trusted Shops’ Code of Conduct. Our shop fulfils the Trusted Shops criteria, which means we respect the law and best practices in e-commerce, and try to ensure a pleasant buying experience. Trusted Shops is the European trustmark for online retailers.

 Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

This Trusted Shops guarantee protects you from losing the paid purchase price up to 2.500EUR for 30 days and covers non-delivery and non-refund.

 5 years guarantee for every product

All our jewellery is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing faults.

 International shipping even in 24 hours

The jewellery we have in stock can arrive to our customers even in 24 with express courier.

 Free delivery anywhere in Europe

We offer our customers free delivery on the territory of Europe. The packages are delivered by a courier service and the receipt requires a signature.

 Free returns

In case for any reason you wish to return us the product, all you have to do is to pack the product. We will send the courier and the package will be collected from you free of charge.

 Excellent services

Based on our customer reviews we have excellent rating. These reviews are provided by our clients on an independent platform, these opinions cannot be manipulated by us.

 Free valuation document

Every product comes with a free valuation document issued to the name of the customer.

 Diamond certificate

Every diamond of at least 0.25ct and at least G-SI1 quality comes with an international diamond certificate from GIA or IGI.

 Wide range of products

We have 2400 different models, there are not many offers with such variety of products. On our site everyone can find something that they will like.

 6 materials

Our clients can choose from jewellery manufactured from 6 different materials. This way you can select the material depending on your aesthetic preferences or your budget.

 Personalised design

If you wish to create a unique design or to make alterations to one of our designs, we offer you the possibility to do this. We create a 3D image of the design and begin production only if it meets your requirements.

 SSL Certificate – Online security

Your information is safe with us, not only at the checkout, but on our whole website.

 Free ring sizer

You can request us to send you a free ring sizer to help you find out the right ring size.

 Laser engraving

We offer laser engraving in the interior of the ring with different types of fonts.

 Luxury box

Our jewellery is sent in luxury boxes, guaranteed quality and elegant design. Also perfect as gift boxes.

 Product photos and videos

Besides the detailed descriptions our clients can watch real videos and photos of the products, made from several different angles. All these are so we can help you in choosing the ring, and so you don’t feel in disadvantage because you wish to shop online.

 Samples at home

If the videos don’t provide enough help, you have the possibility to select 3 ring designs and we will send their samples to your home, so that you can compare them at your own convenience.

 Quick customer service

On working days we answer every email and enquiry generally within 2-3 hours, on the weekends we answer in 12 hours.

 Insured packages

Our packages are insured during delivery, so you can know the purchased jewellery in safety even when it is in transit.


We are aware that the majority of our customers buys our products as gifts, for this reason we conduct our telephone conversations with discretion, asking if the customer can speak.

 Continuous information

If you order a product we will continuously inform you by e-mail about the current status of your order.

 Possibility of fast delivery

If you have an urgent deadline for which you need the product and you notify us before ordering, we will let you know if it’s possible to manufacture the selected article faster than the normal production time. In 90% of the cases we manage to complete these orders faster.