You can see whether your item is certified by looking at your chosen product details under 'Certifications', where you will also see a logo for a Valuation Document.<

A diamond certificate means that all elements of the diamond you purchased have been examined and rigorously tested. Your certification report is recognised proof of "The Four Cs"--Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight-- of your diamond/s. (For more information on "The Four C's" click here.

Your report will most likely be from IGI or GIA.  All the certification companies we use are independent bodies which test, grade and certify your diamond through their specialist examination processes.  We also use HRD, AnchorCert and IGS, but we never use EGL certificates (not recommended).

To receive a diamond certificate at least one of the diamonds in the ring must weigh 0.25ct+ and be graded G colour or better.  Alternatively if you choose diamond colour grades H or I, at least one diamond must weigh 0.30ct+.  If you purchase for example a 15 stone eternity ring where each stone is small, you will not receive a diamond certificate.  This is standard across the industry as diamonds of this size are never certified individually.

Stones weighing less than 0.25ct will not be certified but will be accompanied by a signed valuation document as confirmation of the quality of the diamond. This is standard practice throughout the industry, in fact, some companies don't certify any stones under 0.33ct. The valuation document that you will receive if your stone is not certified, is your assurance that what you are purchasing is genuine and exactly as described on our website. 

IGI Diamond Certification

IGI is the largest independent gem and jewelry certification and appraisal institute with operations worldwide. IGI is also an ISO accredited worldwide organization. Over the past three decades, IGI´s commitment to quality services, extensive experience, expertise and its longstanding reputation for reliability and integrity have made IGI the standard of excellence in gemology and fine jewelry evaluation worldwide. 

GIA Diamond Certification

GIA have graded diamonds such as the famous Hope Diamond and the De Beers Millennium Star. Created the famous 4 Cs of diamond value (clarity, cut, colour and carat weight) Corporate Birthplace of the International Diamond Grading System, used by jewellery professionals around the world. Laser inscription of the Certificate number onto the diamond.


AnchorCert Certification

The largest diamond certification service in the UK —a department of The Birmingham Assay Office (founded by an act of parliament in 1773), the largest UK Assay Office.

Confirmation of the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut of your selected diamond.

A team of highly qualified gemologists gives you expert opinion from qualified professionals.

High quality reports including a digital image of the diamond/s.